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Drowning a leading cause of death for children in Michigan and nationwide

Drowning a leading cause of death for children in Michigan and nationwide

Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children. Each year, more than 800 children under 14 years old die drowning nationwide, according to the Michigan Department of Community Health. Suddenly, without warning, a child can be struggling for their life in a lake or pool. Just recently, a 12-year-old Oak Park, Michigan girl drowned in a swimming pool. Even a bathtub can instantly become a deadly place. That’s sadly what happened this summer in Mt. Morris Township, where a 2-year-old Michigan boy drowned in a bathtub.

Some children survive nearly drowning, but the damage they suffer can be severe and change their lives forever. Being submerged under water for just four to six minutes can often result in permanent brain damage. Other children may be left in a vegetative state for life as a result of drowning.

Sometimes, children drown accidently. Other times, other people’s reckless behavior results in your child’s death or serious injury. Maybe someone was drunk and left your child unattended near water. Maybe someone’s swimming pool was not properly fenced in. Maybe someone forgot to put a life preserver on your child while they were riding in a boat. Accidents happen. Be prepared.

Every parent dreads living through such a horrific experience. We all imagine we will share our entire lives with our children. Losing them in such a traumatic way can be shattering. Knowing what to do next can be baffling. We can help. We’re the Law Offices of Goodman Acker.

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